Whether you’re looking for a sun bed or spray tanning, you’ll love the relaxing experience and the incredible bronze result. Indoor tanning offers you the kind of privacy you don’t have on the beach and it’s the perfect way to eliminate your tan lines! Our lotions are designed to help your skin absorb more color, retain its tan, and moisturize your skin.

Our lotions are formulated for a variety of skin types, so be sure to ask a staff member to recommend the right tanning lotion for you.

UV Tanning beds have an age limit of 18 and older. Parental consent for a minor to tan in a tanning bed is not accepted and will not be an exception to this rule.

Spray tanning is available for all ages as long as minors have written consent from an adult kept on file at the salon. We also provide the highest quality spray tan to our clients, which is safe for pregnant women and is gluten free for our clients with celiac disease or a gluten allergy.

To ensure the best tan, we recommend you exfoliate your skin before your visit. Take a shower and use a loofa sponge, a good washcloth or body scrub to help exfoliate. Your skin should be clean and clear before you tan and if possible avoid scented lotions or moisturizers.

Also, avoid any waxing for at least 48 hours before or after your tan session. Please inform us if you are taking any sun-sensitive medication, including antibiotics. To avoid overexposure, we will allow only one tanning session within a 24-hour period and always provide you with protective eyewear.